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Arowana Aquarium & Pets, as one of the leading companies in the Middle East, selling and marketing a lot of international brands from Aquarium, Pond and Pet products such as Different size and Brands of Tanks, Equipments and Accessories, Freshwater and Marine Fishes, Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates, Live Rocks and Sea Weeds, Pet Animals, Cages, Food, Medicines, etc.

1 - WE are as a team our main aim to support and help the clients to get the best they are inquiring, and make the connection between best products worldwide in the international factories and the clients locally in our markets.

Our Calculation is as follows:
Client + AROWANA = Factory (best products)

So Our Policy in three letters is C + N = F

2 - WE will make it clearer:

       1    The Client: is the most valuable thing in our business what ever the deal (big or small), we need to be our customers' friends to help and support their department and make their business easy before we get orders.

       2    The Factory: is the mother always giving power and support, we work only with our principle factories that giving us best products and facilities to reach our clients' satisfaction, and offer the quality with best prices.

       3    AROWANA: is the active player whom everybody looking to him,watching the match,waiting for his football as he is the best and he will carry the team to the fantastic results,we do that to be our customer's best support in everything.

Experience+Services+Prices+Availability = Full Support = Trust Us

3- We are always Thinking,how we will be able to offer all kind of products that our customers searching and looking for, we need to be the best solution for all our clients,as we have achieved already, but still we don't believe in limitation in expectation and under their services.